Iraq PM rejects unity government

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Maliki rejects calls for a government of national unity to help counter the offensive by jihadist-led Sunni rebels.


We should be working to undermine and eliminate this man and his government from Iraq.  Not only is this a stupid way to fight a sectarian-based war and win a country, but it’s also crippling to all of our interests if ISIS gets more democratically fueled legitimacy in the areas they control in Iraq and Syria.

This is just going to fuel extremists and make it harder for al-Malaki to govern.  It’s time that the US appeal to the Iraqi people to get rid of this man en masse and install someone who will support a unity government.  That, or remind al-Malaki that he’ll be dealing with a hostile jihadi state on what will be a new border in the region.


Complete and utter, f*cktard.

And that’s an insult to f*cktards.


Think about it.


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