A Message To the Capitalists

The pure Capitalist, in terms of their attitude and belief structure, is most likely always and forever going to be viewed by me, at the very least, as an inferior being relative to the rest of humanity. They are, in essence, little more than money-grubbing bottom feeders, no matter how “powerful” or “successful” they may be at their enterprises, unhappy with their state in the world, and unintelligent enough to sacrifice their material and non-material human needs in the pursuit of profit and relative power.

In ancient times, across cultures, the merchants were often regarded as one of the lower classes, arguably, for good reason. They were, and still are, overtly set at accumulating that which they do not need, oftentimes, at the expense of the general peace and well being within their own society and amongst other societies.

Now, it is debatable whether the capricious and non-responsive rule of priests or kings was any better than the capricious and non-responsive and poorly prioritized rule of the Capitalists. This is why, I would say, we need to evolve into a new logic of governance and a new function of government, before we all are overwhelmed by the forces of society breaking free.

Capitalists: you want to know what I’m looking for? I want your complete and utter capitulation to a kind of social-ism, where society, health, well being, and quality of life are put ahead of your profits. Kiss a Red Star, in public and on video camera and surrender completely your influence in government and society to people who realize that their performance in government is tied to their survival and well being.

Otherwise, there is no deal. And I will refuse to help you further while you feebly attempt to undo your habits of millennia past.  You’ll revert back to your own habits without this acknowledgement of submission.

Those are my terms.


Think about it.


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