Samantha Bee investigates the conditions facing child laborers on Kentucky tobacco farms.


Typical, money-grubbing, bottom-feeder behavior.

This is all that Capitalism yields for our people, our society, and our well being without the government’s oversight and regulation.  This State Senator Hornbeck probably has never worked like or been treated like these kids in his lifetime.  Yet, for the price, he’s perfectly willing to put these kids into harm’s way, be it from exposure or nicotine poisoning.

This “man” probably wouldn’t last a day doing a real work job under the conditions that he and his compatriots set for the kids.  Yet, here he is, doing precisely what he would himself refuse to do on a regular basis, with no concern, empathy, or willingness to have care or empathy for the well being of these kids (as young as 7, mind you) who toil in his fields for his profit, with no additional returns for their own selves as a result of their ill-gotten labor.

What does this say about our society when we have people who have to send their kids to work in these death fields to make ends meet, for the sake of these “people” who are only around to turn the profit?

The good news is, is that these “people” will not listen to the likes of Nick Hanauer, thus enabling them to be overturned in time.  The bad news, is the violence that we’ll have to experience while we overturn and “reset” our society, with no guarantee that it will reset appropriately and effectively for longevity, health, well being, and quality of life for all.

Capitalists: the warts that blemish the face of humanity as a whole.  And it shows in how they behave, act, and treat other people and the environment in which they live.

Think about it.


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