Priority Fail

Republicans push foreign military spending while they neglect America’s troubles at home.


It’s death that comes to the society who prioritizes the external over the internal.

Yes, I think we should be joining in the fight against ISIS in Iraq through air power with the permission of the Iraqi people, along with advocating for Nouri al-Malaki to step down.  However, in order to be strong, we need to protect our citizens at home first, and we need to protect, grow, and encourage that which made us strong in the first place.

Workers need to be paid decent wages based on how much they produce for a company.  Revenue has to be raised by government through taxation in such a way that innovation and the economy is not hurt through the gathering of taxes.  Our environment at home and abroad needs to be looked after, such that we can survive as a species and as a society.  Our electronic and physical infrastructure has to be maintained and upgraded periodically for commercial and defensive purposes.  The well being of our citizenry has to be our first priority, not through creating dependency, but through enabling them to pursue well being and health effectively.

All of this can’t be done, so long as we let our top 1% and 0.1% and 0.001% income receivers take the lion’s share of the wealth we produce and set policy for their own personal “benefit” at the expense of our national and global interests and we keep electing the same clueless ideologues and conservatives to power.

What’s it going to be, America?  Rich people?  Ideologues?  Conservatives?

The responsibility to save your own self is ultimately in your own hands.  But I doubt you’re going to do it in time to save your own selves, let alone, the nation and civilization and environment that you all, actually, depend on.


Pure idiots.

Think about it.


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