Iraq’s parliament deadlocked in bid for new unity government | Al Jazeera America

Sunnis and Kurds abandoned a Tuesday meeting after Shias failed to name a prime minister to replace Nouri al-Maliki


Business as usual in Iraq.

This killing and fighting isn’t new; just a chapter in a long history of bloodshed amongst Sunni and Shi’a, Arabs and other ethnicities.

You’d think though that people would be able and willing to rise above the history in order to realize a better world for themselves and their children.  The solution looks so simple to an outsider, as it usually does.

However, it is ultimately the Shi’a who have to relinquish that which they should not attempted to take in order that they can save themselves from the threat of being wiped out by the Sunni and the return of another silly headed regime that will only create more misery, more suffering, and bigger problems in the world, thanks to its members’ attitudes, actions, and perceptions.  Unless these things change anywhere in the world, Iraq or otherwise, it will just be muddling through for humanity rather than us living up to what we could potentially be.

A shame and a pity that people can’t, won’t, or don’t see things like this.

Think about it.


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