Three Steps We Can Take to Solve Poverty, From Someone Who Knows Firsthand | Perspectives |

Tianna Gaines-Turner has been struggling to feed her family for years. She testified before Congress this week.


There’s a lot of good thoughts here. Contrary to Republican, conservative, and Libertarian beliefs, we’re all interdependent in a society. Poverty is a social problem because children from poorer families typically don’t become the most able citizens as they get older. Health is affected, psychological problems can develop, education lags and blame is placed on the people who are perceived to be responsible. This then effects work performance in the economy and reduces our society’s ability to be well, let alone, competitive. We’re rotting from the inside out due to ignorance, callousness, ideology, and greed. And this eats itself in the end, whether you accept it or not.

Think about it.

Feel about it.

Idiot rich people.

Think about it.


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