On Centralization

When the production of energy shifts from the centralized production of fossil fuels to more decentralized and democratic forms of production will we begin to know liberation. The same goes for the ownership of capital: the more centralized ownership is in state or in a few private hands, the less productive and well the society will be. If the Libertarians want liberty, they will enable the government to take on some economic regulatory powers, not to extract wealth from the rich, but to ensure that wealth flows to ALL of those who produce it and live in society. To allow for the concentration of wealth is an anathema to freedom and productivity in society, just as the concentration of undemocratic power in any social body or institution is as well. The state can only have as much power as the society allows in the manner that it allows. Power is always decentralized in a society as the state only has the monopoly on legitimate uses of violence. Anyone may fight the government at anytime. If enough people join in, there is nothing that the government can do to stop them. That is natural law: when the society has had enough, it will do something about the problem. Better to fear the immediate and likely problem, vis a vis the rich, than the distant and less likely problem, vis a vis the government.

Think about it.


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