Reset or Die

If the Industrial Revolution has taught us anything, it’s that the Green Revolution will likely take place over the course of years, decades, and centuries, rather than instantaneously.  Government policy can aid and abet the transition to sustainable and hopefully decentralized forms of energy production and resource consumption.  However, I think it will ultimately only be when the market forces are harnessed and directed at the problem of creating sustainable, clean, accessible, and effective energy and materials that we will see any real progress.  The bottom line is that unless companies are going to make a bigger profit than before, they perceive no real incentives to change directions, mainly because people in the business and financial worlds seem to be delusional, unhealthy mentally and only perceive financial benefit rather than tangible survival and well being benefits.  As it stands, we easily could make energy production green with shifts in government policies and we can begin making major breakthroughs in material production to make manufacturing and raw material harvesting sustainable.  The question is whether the businesses and financiers are going to be willing and able to allow these changes to go through for their own sake and benefits as humans, let alone for our sake and benefit, or for their financial sake and benefit.

What good is money if you’re going to die as a result of its production?  What good is profit if you cripple yourself physically, socially, environmentally, and mentally in order to achieve it?

Congratulations on your long road to nowhere, you executives and titans of business, finance, and industry.  Time to reset, or die.

Think about it.

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