Stayin’ Alive

All politics is PR.  Unfortunately, it seems that current politicians are playing the negatively effective PR that hurts them as well as us that focuses only on the message and not the substance of the actions that brought the necessity for the message change into place.  X events happen, black swans are real.  The probability that they will happen increases as the problems remains unadjusted over time, and the tipping point is reached eventually from which there is no return.  It is in the interests of all politicians to step back from whatever beliefs, ideologies, and principles that they may presently believe in to realize and understand just how toxic ineffective, non-responsive, and non-inclusive government is for their own selves, as politicians, let alone, for all the other people who live in our society who are effected by their actions and decisions.  They will become illegitimate authorities in our society, if they’re not already so by now.

Ideology and principle be damned!  We’re talking survival here, and nature does not give a crap about your beliefs if they are wrong.

Think about it!

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It


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