Changes in the U.S. Economic Geography

In 1990, the manufacturing industry was the leading employer in most U.S. states, followed by retail trade. In 2003, retail trade was the leading employer in a majority of states. By 2013, health care and social assistance was the dominant industry in 34 states. This animated map shows the top industry in each state and the District of Columbia from 1990 to 2013.


We have been made into a nation of consumers, not unlike the Spanish at the turn of 16th century.  And what’s going to happen when all of these Baby Boomers (who got us into this mess in the first place) die off, and we no longer have the need for all of these health and social services workers?

When the US government was crafting its international trade policy, in collusion with the business leaders, did anyone thing that far ahead when they, by design, shipped all those manufacturing jobs overseas?  How have we, as a nation, really benefitted from losing our independence, our autonomy, and our ability to have decently paying employment for everybody?  How has the decline in real wealth held by a majority of people really benefitted anyone in the long term, including the rich people who have taken most of that wealth?  Haven’t they looked back at all into the deep past of humanity, to know us, as a species?  Have they looked at the present situation, to see the water that’s just beginning to get warm?  Do they at all gauge the probable future effects of their actions, based on knowledge of the present and the most accurate perspective on the past that you can get?

Who are these Satan worshipping, drug-addled, moronic, inbred, and careless people who have risen to be our so called “leaders”?

Idiots in suits, more like it.


Think about it.

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It


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