Curfew in riot-hit Missouri suburb

Missouri’s governor declares a state of emergency in the St Louis suburb where a black teenager was shot dead by police last week.


If only these poor Black American folks were rich, white, landowning men, they’d have a whole pack of Libertarians and wingnuts coming to defend them.

The police state rears its head up in the most obvious, blatant, and sinister way possible, probably getting some good practice in the streets too.  And yet where are the mobs of relatively well to do white people to come defend them and challenge the Socio-Fascist State?

I’m not for open rebellion or violence.  I am a Statist, pure and simple.  I believe in the necessity for government and that government can, and ought to, for its own sake, work with and for the people to solve issues and problems within our American society.  I just think it shows the genuine lack of conviction of the Libertarian side and the cowardice and subtle racism that underpins their “movement” that they honestly think is going to be a panacea for all of our problems.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m no utopian-idealist.  Anyone who’s read my work knows that I’m not the biggest fan of this universe and the way that it actually works in the long term.  We’re always going to have problems, in our collective and individual lives.  The universe changes and we must change with it and with our knowledge of it.  That’s the hardest part here, really.  But we can work to evolve, adapt, grow, and work within ourselves solutions to these problems that are as optimal as we can get them for ALL of our well being, and ALL of our quality of life, we actually may have a chance at SURVIVING in this world, let alone, the opportunity to live WELL in it.

These police in Ferguson ought to be arrested by the FBI or the State Police, or the US Army for crimes against the citizenry under their jurisdiction.  They should be pulled from the streets and their superior officers charged with gross negligence and dereliction of duty.  Journalists should be allowed to report freely and without hindrance in the entire United States, as well as at the scene of a major event in our nation’s history of growing towards democracy with a little “d”; the harmonization of government, social, economic, environmental, temporal, and physical systems.  The government needs to obey the natural laws of the rest of the world, if it itself is going to survive.  Otherwise, it will be consumed by the natural and social world that is around it, along with the private elites who are benefitting the most from this current arrangement.  We can keep the high lives for these pigs, that much we can afford.  But we can’t afford the destruction of our social world, and we cannot afford the destruction of our environmental and physical universe.

Government members.

What’s it going to be.

You’re on the line for someone elses’ crimes, and you’re complicit, if not an outright accomplish of, these private “elites”.

What’s it going to be?

Your stupid and unjustified sense of “authority” that you’ve never had, and never wanted in the first place?

Or are you going to get lynched with the Ignoratti as one of them?

Think about it.

Think VERY carefully about it.

Enjoy your nights.



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