A Proposal of a Backbone for Research, Sensing Social Data, and Carrying Out Policy

Research into society is essentially quantum in nature.  It all depends on where you look, what you look at, and how you look at that which you’re looking at.  Observe the effects of a policy or a set of social conditions, and the same facts will yield different opinions depending upon who is looking at them.  Observation changes the outcomes that are realized, for better and for worse, depending on whether or not the person in question is able to observe things accurately, effectively, quickly, and be able to synthesize empirically effective solutions to the issues that are at hand  There are only a limited number of things that can actually help the society, and even fewer that will help the society realize optimal conditions within the society through a myriad of different times and sets of conditions.  This is why and how public service likely becomes as convoluted, complicated, and difficult to sense, carry out, and follow through on. 

It is possible to make a grand monument out of a society and ensure that it can self-sustain itself from its bottom up needs and wants.  The trouble is, then, do we have the skill, technique, ability to gather relevant knowledge and information, ability to decipher and define what relevant knowledge and information is, and the will to make it be so for all of our sakes, as well as for our small self, individual person?

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