Our Rotten Men

I think that, at the core of most of our problems, in the United States at least, is a deranged and generally messed up sense of masculinity and manhood amongst our men and a lot of subsequent poor decision making by women when it comes to choice in reproductive partner(s). Just look at the way our police act and think of themselves. Look at how careless, callous, and incompetent or mostly make political leaders are. These are men who think that manhood is a seat, a badge, or a gun, and that being a man automatically gives them rights and privileges and abilities that no one else has (even if it is fundamental to all human beings on planet Earth). Authority does not rest in a gender, nor is legitimacy to have that authority a guarantee. How do women factor into this? They select for these traits, directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously, thus perpetuating the mess down the generations and deep into the gene pool. They go along with the most inappropriate and anti-social of the so called “masculine” behavior, have children with those men, and then wonder how it is that their children end up being brutes or idiot scum-bags. It takes both reproducing genders to sort this whole mess out. And it will only start with the actual rejection of the brute and the devious for a more human and less chimpish outcome.

It’s evolution ladies and gentlemen.

Breed out the jackals and jackasses, or stop complaining when the police savage you rather than try to help you or the politicians con you.

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It


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