To Operate and Maneuver a Society

The greatest danger that a party or person or group of people in power can ever hope to face is their own selves.  Their ignorance, willful or not; their egos and grand delusions of actually having power (when they don’t).  Their carelessness, callousness, mistakes, stupidity, and accidents.

All of these things effect and impact their abilities to govern and govern with legitimacy, authority and have control over a given society or group of societies.  It technically is always their own fault when they’re removed from power for failing to do or see one thing or set of things.  They may not like these conclusions, but it’s actually true.  That’s the way history has gone.  That’s the way history will be.

How do I know this?

Just look back at where we’ve been, on high levels, and on low.  Look at where we’re presently headed in our own societ(ies).  Look at the erosion, the collapse, the rot and answer me this:

From where is the fish rotting?

Is it in the society?  Is it in the fish?  For sure, the fish is rotting, that much cannot be denied, I think.

But from where is the rot originating?

The society only responds to the governments’ actions upon them, with them.  That then influences and effects what happens in the government and to the governing members of a given society.  That then yields either positive or negative effects for the governing people.  It is the governments’ policies that shape our world; its laws, its enforcement of law, its programs.  The society just flows with it, responding to whether or not they generally like, dislike, or feel something in between or around these basic points.

When oh when will the members of our governing society realize that it is not in their interests to do an empirical disservice to the public’s well being?  When oh when will they realize, understand, and accept that they, our political leaders, may not have all the answers to the problems and may not be interpreting information or causal relations amongst things correctly?  When can we actually have this humility, this scientific perspective and desire in our government?  When will the public respond in such a way that they get the government that will be this way for them?  When will any of us learn how to operate and maneuver a society effectively, safely, and for everyone’s sake?

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