A Blip In Time

If you don’t take care of certain problems through policy, you’re going to be facing the bigger brother of those problems later.

Poverty is likely one of the chief diseases of the human condition, while excess leads to its own psychological and physical health problems.  Drug use can thrive in both ends of the social spectrum, thanks to a sense of helplessness and need to escape on one hand, and the psychologically unbalanced sense of entitlement, privilege, and ability to do whatever on the other.  Poverty decreases parents’ ability to tend to their children, which makes for greater issues and stresses in society and on all of society’s members later on in the children’s future.  Simply saying that poor people ought not have children then is a gross simplification of a complex physical and psychological issue, not to mention inhibiting upon a person’s ability to live a full life of peace, happiness, and personal accomplishment.

Poverty is a downward spiral to lives of despair, hopelessness, anger, helplessness, and dependency across generations.  It ruins our society’s cohesiveness, allows for the potential for greater foreign intervention, makes us strategically weaker as a society (through a sensed lack of ownership and a lack of having a good place to grow up), and enables the issues associated with excessive wealth a problem among those who govern on top.  If this society is going to get itself revitalized as a whole, physically, psychologically, socially, environmentally, and internationally, its government and governing members need to change their attitudes, priorities, and actions vis a vis the general public and the way that they associate and work with the society as a whole.

Conservatism needs to be regarded as a dead ideology, if we’re going to get out of our problems.  We cannot afford to have an ideological set and serious political factions acting on the principles that nothing changes, and that everything should be consumed by the few who happen to be on top at any given moment in time.  Libertarianism, likewise, needs to be considered a dead ideology, because a weak, inactive, and inattentive government is precisely what leads to the development of the anarchical society where business cannot be conducted safely and securely.  Finally, Liberalism, especially with regards to the established “Liberal” parties, has to be considered a dead ideology, because it is overly simplistic with its feelings and sentiments, and does not appreciate the scope and potential for a society to have more than one actor carrying out the necessary activities of social functions.  All of these things are products of a grand hallucination that takes us away from the scientific, repeatable, and consistently persistent facts which make up our social and physical worlds.  The reality is there, period, and it is far more dictatorial than anything or anyone that is living or dead in this universe of ours.  You can either choose to accept this discovered and changing reality, or you can succumb to mediocrity and more probable social and species-wide extinction through the increased probability of making mistakes in government and in our society relative to each other and to the environment in which we are living and apart of.

The choice is up to you.  But I don’t think we technically have a choice, thanks to the nature of our present biology and our present abilities to sense, prioritize, make sense of, and work with our empirical reality.  Scientists say one thing, based on what they’ve examined and studied rigorously from the universe around us, and people do other things.

Enjoy your blip in time, humans.  It was “fun” while it lasted.

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