The Vehicle and the Driver

Good party organization to me, means being able to get as many people as possible onto your side while simultaneously being able to get as many of those supporters motivated to and actually at polling stations across the country.  There will always be those who will disagree with you, and these folks should have their flaws pointed out, their good points adopted as your own.  This is the key to short term political success.  Long term political success means the ability for your institution and person to survive in a myriad of different conditions and situations.  This is where effective governing comes more into play, rather than just being an adept campaigner who has no idea what to do when you get power or how to act and behave when you’re in the game of governing itself.

Notice how I am getting my degree(s) in Public Administration, not in Campaign Management or in Philosophy or pure Political Science.  My goal is to govern better and to make the government work better for the society and, thus, make life much more easier and supportable for those in the governing profession.  That is all.  To do this well, I have to know how economies empirically work, how the activities in economies and societies tie into the environment, and how those environmental impacts effect us, how existing political systems of governance work, how systems of governance actually work in relation to general human beings and human beings across cultures.  I’ve got to know people and how to work with them, both within my own cultural context, and across all other cultural contexts.  I’ve got to be able to test, interpret, and work on drawing accurate conclusions from data about our social, environmental, economic, technological, and medical worlds.  I’ve got to understand some physics and about the content, nature, and function of our universe.  In short, I’ve got to be a well rounded statesperson of the highest degree so that I can do the most amount of good possible without doing any actual harm.  It’s what I love.  It’s what I’ve done all along.  It’s what I think I’ve been building to all of my life, ever since I got my first whiff of governance at the age of 8.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  And I’ve got to do it all well, or else perish physically and metaphorically in the universe as a result of my actions, choices, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

You wonder how it is that I’m as stressed and uptight as I can be at times? 

There’s a reason.

Welcome to my world.  It’s awesome.

I’m awesome.

And it’s great to be in communication with you all.

Enjoy! 🙂

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