Communication, Knowledge and Information in the Human Ecosystem

In the Digital Age, the age of Communication, Information and Knowledge, the possibility to capture, express, observe, visualize and understand the patterns for behaviour, emotion, opinion, expression, movement and more, potentially for hundreds of millions of people at a time, has brought the term “ethnography” in the spotlight for both academic and popular crowds.


All is perspective.  We each and all have different interpretations of the reality that is around us, because we each and all have different brains and sense organs which pick up and interpret the reality that is around us.

Some opinions and beliefs, however, are more accurately sensing the real world than others.  Furthermore, the only appropriate way to pursue information and data about the real world is to be like an interrogator, seeking the truth, and a gold prospector, panning for the valuable and relevant information in your given area.  It’s when there is open communication, honest dialogue, and a spirit of cooperation that we get the end results that are useful to us, as policy makers, and as social scientists, trying to uncover the truth about our world.  All other perspectives, attitudes, and methods, are most likely bunk and produce bunk relative to our common reality.

Reality is a dictatorship.  It simply is and does not care what you think feel, believe, or hope for.  You only obey it, or you die.  That’s my new insight into the world.  Screw post-modernism.

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