The Emanation of Supreme Compassion

In Buddhism, our bodhisattva Avaloktishvara, the symbol and state of Supreme Compassion, is said to be what all other religions, especially in the Abrahamic tradition, know as God.  In Buddhism, there is no Creator being, because all beings arise out of interdependence and have no singular “beginning” or “end” point.  Those two opposite concepts, indeed, the whole range of concepts that are dual, is considered to be, in fact, one and the same things in essence and dependent upon our own conceptions of these things, which are not absolute and are only as lasting as you allow them to be.

In spite of being the emanation of Supreme Compassion, Avaloktishvara has a wrathful side, known as Mahakala.  This is your mother scolding you for touching a hot radiator when you were little, or yelling at you in an effort to protect and teach you in such a way as to effectively get your attention and correct your behavior for your own sake and benefit.  This excludes moments when she could just be screaming at you because she’s just mean (which could be the case).  In this case, I think that her behavior can ultimately be interpreted as a means for you to learn unconditional compassion for someone who brought you into this world and is suffering just as we all are, perhaps in ways that are greater than you can imagine (if you’re going to follow a correct path to Enlightenment).

Let’s hope that the experiences we’re about to go through are ultimately the effects of Mahakala working his magic on the world, to get us back on track as a species and to hopefully eliminate the suffering that is in the hearts and minds of those who are causing our whole world (and their own world) considerable harm and damage.

Let us hope that the moment becomes ripe for us to make our move against the idiotic, the misers, and the callous individuals who inhabit and control our world by default.  Never be moved by the crocodile tears they’re going to shed, brought on in a moment of panic and desperation more than out of anything sincere and genuine.

They really don’t work on the same plane as the rest of us.  That is how I know they’re mentally diseased at best by the illusions of wealth, well-being, and power that they think they have as a result of their poorly chosen and poorly prioritized actions.

Supreme rationality my foot!  They’re just Ignoratti, out to “conquer” the world at the barrel of a gun and for the sake of things they don’t really need (and shouldn’t really want) to begin with. 

Down with the Ignoratti and all those who follow them through their actions!

It’s already been done.  It’s just a matter of time.


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