The Story So Far….

I’ve been living a somewhat monkish (of the Buddhist variety) lifestyle imperfectly for the past few years now.  I can’t say at the moment whether or not I’m actually better off for it.  On one hand, it’s nice having the independence of a traveler.  On the other hand, a home and family to call my own also seems very nice.  Each one comes with a trade-off, that much I know.  It’s always confused me why and how those who are arguably some of the best people who walk this planet.  After all, the rest of the human society has to exist in order to support them and their main practices; without the successful reproduction of a large portion of the population (and I mean producing well adjusted and generally good people as a key part of that reproduction), the monastic lifestyle as we know it would be impossible to support and maintain.  Therefore, why shouldn’t I be able to help out the Sangha (and support that part of my life that I feel as though I’d like to have)? 

I think I know what I would like.  The trouble is whether or not I’m going to be able to have it.  Life, after all, is full of many pitfalls.  As a friend of mine said, long time ago, “always forward, and never straight.”  It’s a messy thing that plays by its own rules and doesn’t give two honest shits about how you, or anyone else, feels about it.  All is going to end anyway, that much is certain.  A shame that it’s so difficult for those who mean well and feel deeply about this place (and themselves within it).


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