The Social Sciences

Natural scientists give too much crap to social scientists.  I doubt that anyone outside the realm of social science research understands exactly how hard it is to get at information (assuming that you’re looking for the right information to the correct questions in the first place) and then make sense of the data in such a way as to produce effective, meaningful, significant, and functional results at the end of the day.

The social world is our life and our livelihood…for all of us.  It connects with the environment and forms the world in which we all HAVE TO live, for better and for worse.  We are an integrated whole; a solid unit of the social and natural ecology, combined to form one network of interconnected planets, moons, solar systems and galaxies.  To neglect or belittle the social sciences (and they are sciences because they’re aimed at studying real world phenomena and contents truthfully) is to neglect and belittle attempts at understanding social laws regarding a range of topics and fields that will, if obeyed, actually lead to better living through better government policies, programs, and functions, not to mention, to discredit and dismiss hard-won information about our natural universe.

This is the dawning of the 21st century.  Let’s make it a great one!  And may the benefits of what we do now last for as long as the universe survives.

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