A Poor Choice of Values

I don’t get how conservatives can sleep at night. Libertarians, I can somewhat understand, because they’re so entrenched in their beliefs and opinions that it’s practically a religion to them.

But to deny people the ability to live lives of meaning, according to their own definition of meaning, is beyond conscionable to me, at the very least.  To feel that people are less deserving than you, for whatever reason, or to believe honestly that not all people should be enabled to have the same opportunity to get ahead as your own self or your own group, are not concepts that I can accept and are not values that I can or ever will personally abide by.

If you’re not apart of the solution to the problems that are present in our societies, you are most likely apart of the overall problem(s) that are afflicting it.  Conservatives in America claim to be about “liberty”, “justice”, and the essential “American way”.  However, they consistently have done nothing but damage to these three principles, and have in the process, done even more damage to the American public and the society of the world through their misguided actions and misinterpreted senses of how the world is and how the world actually works on the empirical level.  I don’t pretend to have all the answers to our problems, nor will anyone be able to eliminate problems from our world, on high or down below.  But we can stop messing about with the stuff that we can tell is damaging to ourselves and our collective whole, and leave those ideas and people in the dust, away from the halls of power and away from positions of consequence, control, and authority.

It is time that we, as a society, either commit all conservatives and political ideologues to mental institutions for consistent misperceptions of reality and, more importantly, their refusal to acknowledge when and if they’re incorrect relative to common reality.  Either that, or we can stop listening to them entirely, and leave their voices with those that are not heard at the very most, or not taken seriously, at the very least.

I’m personally convinced that these folks are seriously mentally ill, and are delusional to the point of near-schizophrenic behavior.  They’ve rationalized the unreal and trivialized the world in which they live.  It is time that we leave their opinions and their incorrect beliefs with the trivial and irrelevant; the mere babblings of people who do not know and, worse, do not care to know about how things actually are and how things work.

Down with the idiots and the psychopaths!  Down with the people who really have shown they do not care or feel; who do not think and do not grasp reality as it consistently presents itself to us through the scientific method.  Down with the ideologues and the idiotic demons of our world who will destroy it and themselves through their own actions.  And, of course, up with all those who are able to sense reality accurately and are perfectly willing and able to correct themselves accordingly, when they are proven to be wrong in their beliefs, principles, and assumptions; who have a well prioritized set of values that really matter to our health, well being, and quality of life.  Up with those who do care, do love, and do have a genuine and accurate connection with the world in which we live.

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