What Do You All Think?

a098a8f8-ff5d-4635-a244-f9c69eb379a6Will you answer an honest question honestly?

What do you all think about my work?

Does it make sense to you all?

Is it any good?

What is its value to you?

How does it make you feel?

Is it influencing how you feel and think about the world around you?

I’m asking this because I feel as though I’m reaching a tipping point, of sorts, and I’m not sure whether or not these feelings that I have are actually justified.  I feel as though I am carrying something inside me, and that in due time, it’s going to burst forth into the rest of the world (if it hasn’t already) and alter the way we think, feel, and work with the world, thus altering the very foundation and state of consciousness in the universe itself.

It feels like a purifying fire that’s about to consume me whole and leave me ultimately dead in one form, but reborn in another.  I feel as though much hangs on my words and feelings and actions, so I’m very (let’s admit it, insanely) careful about how I’m feeling, thinking, and working with the world.  My aim is to get to Truth with a capital “T”; the ultimate and one set of truths about this universe in which we’re living, what some know as the body of Natural Law itself, the rules of our universe, our species, our individual societies, our economies, and the impacts that we actually are having on our environment, and how those impacts actually affect us in return.

It feels as though I’m about to found a Great Sangha (Community) of Lay Persons to work with the world in an ethical, self-interested, and functional manner.  The Great Masters of the past developed the practices and methods by which individual human beings can live happy, fulfilled, and resilient, anti-fragile lives.  They are of significant importance to keep the Dharma flowing and building, so that the lay community can get its own self organized in such a way that we’re all living in a self-interested, self-preservationist manner relative to ourselves, our groups, and our natural environments.  Too long have we labored under the unscientific governance of cowards, idiots, and charlatans who have plundered our economies and environments and ruined their own legacies and polities in the process of behaving cruelly,callously, indifferently, and ignorantly towards the general public and the environments in which we’re all living (including those individuals who ruin the world through their actions).  It is time that we get the government actually under the control of those who know, are aware of, and are actually kind and reasonable enough to protect themselves through protecting others through the replacement or edification of those who currently sit in places of consequence, authority, and defacto power and control.  It is time that we start diagnosing anti-social and self-harming behavior when it is appropriate to do so, and then intervening in ways that actually help the individuals suffering with afflictions of callousness, carelessness, and ignorance learn to live in more social ways without letting them into the actual halls of power where they do themselves more harm than good.

What do you all think about this?


I’d love to have some verification.

Thank you.


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