A New Order

a098a8f8-ff5d-4635-a244-f9c69eb379a6We can’t all be monks and nuns. Without them we wouldn’t We can’t all be monks and nuns. Without them we wouldn’t have Dharma teachings. However, without an Enlightened population of lay government officials and people, the monastic Sangha would only have a dampened effect on the world at best. We need a new order of people who understand their place and interests relative to the rest of the population. Otherwise, this world is going to be consumed by its own members, and that will be the end of our chapter in this universe.

I propose the formation of an addition to the Holy Sangha, where people are permitted to, in moderation and without a dependence upon, the worldly comforts of this place and to engage in Dharma practice in their own minds amongst their peers. The idea here is that we have a practical group of Enlightened people who engage practically with this world, to understand it, and to improve the quality of life for humans on the social level. Monks and nuns are trained in ridding themselves and others of their mental afflictions. I think it is time that we address our social, ecological, economic, political, and physical illnesses as well with the same rigor and attentiveness to the truths of our universe on the functional level. This is meant to accelerate all of our abilities to reach Enlightenment. However, at the end of the day, it is up to the indi

vidual person to make that final step to ultimate peace and the ultimate cessation of real suffering. 

Thank you very much! 

I look forward to hearing comments about this. 

Thank you! 





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