A Preliminary Game Theoretic Outline of the Social Contract in the Present Tense

In game theory, it is in the absolute interests of each aspect of society to maximize their utility.  However, if any side goes too far with their demands, or gains too much in the process of playing the game, they’re less likely to adapt, change, or be responsive to the larger social and ecological environment.  The seeds of their destruction are sown in their influence over the other, unless they voluntarily work to check their own appetites relative to the environmental and social constraints that are placed upon them.

Rich people can be rich.  Powerful people can be powerful.  However, their wealth and power is derived from the actions and implicit or explicit consent of those beneath them.  Each side can hurt the other, and result in a net loss for all sides involved in the long term (which becomes the short term all too soon).  It is therefore better for the presently powerful to check their own wealth, power, and actions relative to the ecological and social environments in which they find themselves, from the perspective of defining their own interests.  Otherwise, they’re going to be consumed by the public or environment as a result of their carelessness and poorly chosen and interpreted priorities.

In short, it doesn’t pay in game theoretic models of the social, economic, and environmental complex to be entirely small-self-serving (as defined in maximizing your own personal utility at the expense of others who are around you).  Those moves and actions are not actually self-serving in the grand scheme of things, and are more likely signs of pathological behavior for the individual and evidence for a diseased brain state within the individual or group of individuals who exhibit those kinds of tendencies, behaviors, and attitudes.  Cooperation, two-way dialogue, open and honest communication, active listening, and genuine care for and about other people and the larger world around you are actually behaviors, attitudes, and perspectives that will increase personal utility greater than anything that small-self games and strategies can accomplish.

This is the science behind human relations and power dynamics.  It is informed by my observations on history, current events, and personal experience.  I testify that this is how the world has worked, is working, and will always work from now, until the end of time, and beyond. I testify that this is the way things work in this or any successful universe, regardless of how you slant, tilt, or filter the data.  You can either accept this for how it is, or you can perish as a leader, leadership cadre, or as an individual or group of individuals within a society.  There is no reason to listen or keep those negatively effective and self-damaging practices around for anyone’s sakes.  Those who do insist on keeping these practices are more than likely mentally ill and are in need of receiving treatment, care, and a skeptical ear than influence, obedience, and authority.

Happy Labor Day.

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