Cake or Death?

In the present era, governments in all countries give too much for the businesses without considering the impacts and effects that are actually felt and had within the communities and societies that they’re responsible for overseeing.  When the society looses and the businesses gain more than their owners and shareholders can have in a lifetime, nobody wins (including for those in government) because the wealth is simply being extracted from the community and society and into the businesspeoples’ pockets.  This game is unsustainable, as history has shown, and will be undone in relatively short order by the community and society, along with the government and officials who advocated for and enacted these extractive policies.

More dangerous to a government than a prosperous society where people are included in the decision-making process substantially is one where people are either excluded or are not prosperous across the board.  It’s when there is inequality within a society, political or economic, that the game becomes unsustainable and corrected in the long term towards greater and reasoned equality.  Too much taking by the poor or worker interests results in it being taken away by the executives and shareholders, too much taking by the executives and shareholders results in it being taken away by the poor and workers.

It is time to establish a solid, persistent, and lasting dialogue between governing and governed, such that no one is getting hurt, thus enabling everyone to somehow benefit from the social contract.  Otherwise, the game is going to break down on its own, and a different order will be established that may likely be just as unreliable and unsustainable as the old order.  Better to correct the mistakes before they become problems, rather than wait for the problems to bloom.

Yet this is not the logic of our present sets of political leaders in any level or capacity in or out of government.  They’re just going to keep pushing the red button until they die, very much like an addict using their drug of choice until they overdose and die.  Money is only as good as its ability to bring people well-being and power is only useful and beneficial to those who understand it and know how to wield it.  What good is it past the point where you can no longer spend all of it in a single lifetime?  What good is power if your actions erode it out from under you at a rate that leads to a loss for your own self or group?

These are the stakes.

What’s it going to be?

Cake for all?

Or death for all?

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