Scots’ Independence

After long and hard consideration of the possibilities that can (and likely will) come out of a “Yes” vote for Scottish Independence on the 18th of September, 2014, I think I will still, personally, endorse such a move on the part of the Scottish people and the Scottish nation as a whole.

I’m sick of the mighty making out like thieves at the expense of the many.  I am personally sick of the old adage from the Athenians’ Melian Dialogue (which essentially justified the, frankly, incorrect notion that “might makes right”).  And, I am sick of our entire world being run by little people, who are simply angry, mean-spirited, callous, cruel, greedy, and delusional.

I know that a Scottish “Yes” vote will likely trigger massive turmoil in the world.  I know that Russia is waiting for NATO to crack.  I know that China is waiting for the Western world to fall back into “its place”.  But sonofabitch, it is getting too damned hot in this oven.  Literally, the planet is warming up and species which very well may be critical to the sustenance of human life on this planet, are dying off.  We have a handful of assh*les, which believe that money is something that is “real”.  Who only think and feel in terms of “money”.  Who actually feel as though money is something that is sustaining for human life and well being.  Who believe that the experiences and “stuff” that money can buy is something worth dying for through the production of money.

These are the inbred, conservative, stupid, people of Gog and Magog, that all Abrahamic Texts talked about.  These are the neo-conservatives, the conservatives, the Ideologues, and the money-grubbers of our world; bottom feeders, suckling at the tit of society like a greedy little piggy, backed up by police and thugs.

I am not going to really change a thing.  I only point out that doing the opposite stuff tends to lead to better for those little piggies who can’t seem to tell what is good and what is bad in this world.

Enjoy your night people.


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