Governing Based on Evidence

The wise leaders of the past have governed their people on tenants of respect, care, benevolence, and a desire to effect their lives in a positive way.  At least, these are the leaders and power blocs that we remember fondly, love, and honor.  It is in the interests of those who hold power to work in such a way.  The ability for such leaders and leadership blocs to come into power is dependent upon the populace’s ability and willingness to sense and choose those who mean to have a positive effect on the public, and on their ability to sense if that leader/leadership bloc is actually doing their job well.  Evidence based governing is not only less costly for the government and the government members, in terms of the allocation of resources and the dependence on repression and force, but it also is a more effective strategy of maintaining leadership positions without having to resort to potentially costly tactics of repression and deceit, which are unreliable and expensive methods at ensuring political longevity.

The universe has a bias towards Liberalism and Progressivism, based on the evidence that we can observe throughout history and across cultures.

What in Hell are we all waiting for?!

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It


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