Do Liberals Really Care More About Empathy Than Conservatives?

Views on Empathy, Curiosity, Creativity, Faith, Tolerance, and Obedience Across the Ideological Spectrum

The data also present a familiar caricature of “liberals” and “conservatives.” Based on a longer survey that classified respondents along an ideological spectrum from left to right, the researchers found that “consistent conservatives” were more likely to prioritize obedience and religious faith in particular, while “consistent liberals” emphasized tolerance, creativity, curiosity, and empathy for others.

They were also significantly less likely than other respondents to rate “hard work” as one of the most important things to teach children—they ranked 13 percentage points lower than “consistent conservatives.”



And there you have it.

Progressives teach their children the essences of all religions and the essential values that bind humanity together in lasting, powerful, and arguably unbreakable fashions.  Conservatives just lie, rely on ignorance, use tricks, and teach kids nothing but submission to brute force.

What say you, humans?  What is more important to you?

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