It Comes Undone

Oh how I wish for this current order to end.  That being said, I know it will never end.  The universe favors dickheads, and when it doesn’t favor them, it proves itself to be way too complicated to be managed or governed effectively, scientifically, and ethically.

I have nothing.

I have just had my whole life’s vision and work turned upside down by one, potentially two votes.  There is no absolute justice in this universe; only what we’ve determined in our individual societies.  Life as we’ve known it is forfeit on this planet.  There is no tomorrow to look forward to.  Only a night created by the older generation who refused to move with reality, the ineffectiveness of the younger generation at rallying against the older generation, and the combined stupidity of the masses on high and down below.  There are x-events set to occur in the not too distant future.  We sever the wrong thing, we break the wrong natural law, we undo or change one thing in this universe and the whole thing will be overturned.  It’s not linear, it’s non-linear.  The effects could be really small, or they can be really big, especially when small things are taken in aggregate of each other.  There is no point in trying to stop it, at this point.  Just know that death is not the end and not honestly the worst thing that could happen to you.

Enjoy your days kids.  These are your last ones, if nothing else changes in this universe.


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