Almost One in Four Americans Support Idea of Splitting From the Union

After Scotland, all eyes are turning to Catalonia, where voters will hold a non-binding vote on independence from Spain on Nov. 9. But maybe Americans need to focus closer to home. We already knew—courtesy of Slate’s David Weigel—that breakaway movements in the United States were feeling inspired by the Scotland…


Looks like we could be coming to the end of another union.

I’d be ok with it, honestly.

Conservatives take one territory, progressives take the other.

If progressives play our cards right, we could end up on top of this whole situation.  It’ll take sense, evidence-based (not ideological) governing, a Hell of a good strategic edge, and the willingness to admit to mistakes in order to correct for them.

We’re about empathy, honesty, openness, tolerance, acceptance, and facts.

Let us compete with greed, deception, lies, xenophobia, racism, classism, sexism, and all other non-American and anti-social traits.

If we lose, then it proves that this universe is not a good one to be in anyway, because there’s then a serious defect in how rewards and punishments are dealt out.  Nature is indifferent to morals, and justice is blind.  Let’s find out if karma exists in states beyond simple “action”.  Is the universe indeed a moral and ethical place?  If not, than it’s really not worth saving, and we’d all likely be better off abandoning this existence to its inevitable doom and death.

That, or we can stay together as one country, let everyone ditch the conservative brain-state, and we can continue on from there with evidence, facts, and an ethically grounded and social society.

I’m willing to cede the whole baby to the conservatives.  Take the universe, take the country, take the world.  I don’t think it’ll do them any good in the long term or short term. That decision, though, is out of my hands.

It’s in yours’ America.

Wake up.

Or die.

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It


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One response to “Almost One in Four Americans Support Idea of Splitting From the Union”

  1. elevine89 says :

    If you want my opinion, I think this whole place is doomed. I don’t think there are any morals out there that exist beyond our social settings, no God, no control, no order. There is only brutishness, cruelty, and meanness to stay alive.

    The hippies, goodness bless them, will die against the conservatives in a pitched combat. They lack the discipline, the group-think, the ability to coordinate, organize, and generally get their sh*t together to muster a fighting force capable of avoiding reconquest by the conservatives. They also lack the will and the violence to make an effective stand, in spite of their numbers and their willingness to accept others.

    This is the same situation that Alexander the Great faced when he conquered Persia all those years ago. A small dedicated force of radicals can overwhelm a vast and diverse collective, even with comparable military technology and abilities, and thus reset our world to something different, but not quite like, a “good” place to live. There is no difference, there is only repetition, brutality, and cruelty here. Ignorance will win on this plane of existence, I think. Thus, it becomes time for this universe to come to an end, and for those of us who are basically not conservative dickheads afraid of change and dependent upon ignorance and ideology, to move to a different place in the universe.

    I would advise against resisting your death here, although you can have fun at the radicals’ and authoritarians’ expense before they kill you. Meet death with a calm smile on your face and in your mind. It’ll all be ok. That I can promise you.


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