How to Install New Leadership

Note: It is impossible to install a leadership cadre in a manner that is not appropriate, acceptable, and according to the cultural logic of the society in question. Furthermore, only people who are actually well grounded in reality, desiring to discover and know the truths of this universe, good, bad, and indifferent, and who have a genuine understanding as to how their well being ties in with other peoples’ well being are going to be capable of being leaders within a society for any significant period of time. Only those who meet both these personal and methodological qualifications will be practical leaders and will actually be able to carry out these actions effectively and legitimacy. This is, again, dependent upon the cultural context, the economic, social, technological, and environmental conditions of the universe at any given time or place.  With all of these personal and conditional parameters in mind, we can begin to think about how to systematically change core leadership and core culture within a leadership cadre (not necessarily in the entirety of the society beyond the leadership cadre).

It starts by changing the top of the organization or the society.  This is not to say that one person can change the whole, rather, a dedicated team of qualified people who replace all of the top leadership cadre members who are not qualified to be leaders in a given society.  From there, the new cadre can alienate and isolate the old leadership cadre from society or organization, starting from the top, and working their way down to effect the lower realms of the organization.  Rules, norms, values, and culture gets changed according to the will of the new leadership cadre within the parameters of legitimacy and condition of the old system below.  Failure to regard the environment, social or otherwise, is a death sentence for the would be new leadership cadre.  From there, the old leadership cadre can be driven out and tracked for actions and behaviors for several years or decades, depending upon their personal temperament and connectivity to other people who were pushed out of office.  Those networks need to be known, followed, and tracked.  Any breath of sedition or malevolence against the publics’ demanded new order can be evaluated and brought to light depending upon the severity.  The offenders can then be brought out into the public’s eye, tried legitimately and fairly in a court of law, and sentenced appropriately according to the processes, sentiments, and culture that is present.  From there, they can be put in jail or confined to a mental institution separated from their network associates and connections.

This would be to correct for the grave error that Franklin Roosevelt made when he did not follow up, track, and prosecute the heads of big business and banking for their plot to overthrow the elected government of the United States, also known as the Business Plot of 1933 (  The most recent example of this being put into practice successfully was, ironically, under Nazi Germany during the Night of the Long Knives (  The differences here, are that there are no knives being used, no malevolence towards the opposition, no murders, public or private, and no cynical manipulation of the public’s will.  I hypothesize that this is the best basic methodology for both installing and cementing a new leadership cadre within a given society.  You start by changing the attitudes, beliefs, perspectives and, sometimes, personnel on top.  You then have them use their authority to remove people who aren’t willing or able to play ball with the new system down below in the organizational networks’ hierarchies.

Imagine a computer where you change programs from one (let’s call it an Anti-Social System) to another (let’s call it a Social System).  The user clicks on the new program, which then starts to run a series of processes within the computer to call into being the new program.  The only difference is the preference or content of the leadership cadre in question who’s clicking the program to make it be one way or another.  Bottom-up change is ultimately what changes the leadership cadre because there is a partial-percolation from society to the top ranks and important decision makers of society.  If it’s not personnel, it’s ideas and sentiments that get carried up the chain to influence the affect, logic, and perspective of the people in top offices.  Thus you have the top responding to pressure from the bottom.  However, it is only when you have appropriate and effective changes in the top somehow, that you get real change down below and throughout the whole of the system.  Otherwise, you have the people on the top selecting incorrectly relative to the needs and conditions of the social and ecological environments, which then hastens their removal from those positions or leads to the collapse of the whole social and environmental system with the leadership cadre going with them both.  Either way, the leadership pays for their stubbornness, unwillingness to accept truth and facts, and greed, while the rest of society will either stumble on or collapse entirely into species-wide extinction.  Either way, the leadership cadre in question loses, while the society can either win, lose, or “break-even”.  Such a set of outcomes is obviously not what the leadership cadre is looking for if they are behaving in a way that is not destructive to themselves and destructive to others.  Therefore, I propose that we either arrest the leadership cadre of the world powers, private and public, and commit them to a mental facility and initiate the new changes in leadership post haste, accept their voluntary resignations from office, or have them accept that their current sets of attitudes, beliefs, logics, perspectives, and whole way of feeling and thinking about the human world as being incorrect and then making appropriate changes from there to correct those misconceptions and patches of ignorance.

Change is never an easy thing and it’s never good to feel as though your whole world has collapsed from under you.  I get that entirely.  However, we’re talking literal survival here, not only of the collective, but of the individual members of the present elite as well.  If you want to have a different outcome than death, destruction, mayhem, and damaging loss, you have to accept metaphysical death, destruction, mayhem, and loss.  It is only through making a sacrifice of attitude, belief, priority, perspective, and action that the rich and the present politicians of our era are going to survive, let alone, be able to survive and keep their jobs and places.  All I am looking for is this change in attitude, belief, perspective, logic, sentiment, and action.  The rest will follow suit if they fail to give up these small things that I know are near and dear to their hearts, sentiments, and wallets.

The choices are up to them.  But I doubt they’ll make the right ones in time.


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