The Cliff

As the leadership becomes more focused on its immediate, small sense “self”, their position naturally becomes less tenable as a leadership cadre.  There are many natural shocks that can happen to our social systems from both our environmental and cosmological worlds external to us and from within our own social world.  Humans are not likely to preserve that which is causing them immediate harm, although it is debatable whether humans in their present form are actually capable of sensing what their benefits and costs really are accurately to determine a positive and genuinely effective course of action.  It is also debatable whether humans in general are willing and able to follow through on those courses of action for their own survival, even if they’re able to sense it.  Those who do realize what’s going wrong are labeled as “mentally ill” for having understandable reactions to what’s going persistently wrong, while those who don’t have a clue or a care to have a clue about what’s going on are allowed to make the choices in our world in spite of the obvious and predictable costs that will be incurred as a result of their choices without receiving any of the benefits that they intended to have from their actions.

The whole of the human species is screwed in its present form.  It’s completely, totally, 100% screwed, thanks to the collective, individual, conscious, and sub-conscious choices and perspectives that the members of this species, on high and down below, have done.  We’ve got nothing left to look forward to in the immediate sense but death, thanks to our actions and choices, with a chance of survival from the environmental collapse that is going to be upon us and the social fallout that happens as a result of that happening.  The rich people of the planet have clevered themselves off a cliff for money (not terribly clever), while everyone else were too much like cows to do anything or be able to do anything about it.  Thus ends us, as far as I can tell.

Oh well.


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