BIG DATA SOCIETY: Age of Reputation or Age of Discrimination?

If we want Big Data to create societal progress, more transparency and participatory opportunities are needed to avoid discrimination and ensure that they are used in a scientifically sound, trustable, and socially beneficial way.

Have you ever “enjoyed” an extra screening at the airport because you happened to sit next to someone from a foreign country? Have you been surprised by a phone call offering a special service or product, because you visited a certain webpage? Or do you feel your browser reads your mind? Then, welcome to the world of Big Data, which mines the tons of digital traces of our daily activities such as web searches, credit card transactions, GPS mobility data, phone calls, text messages, facebook profiles, cloud storage, and more. But are you sure you are getting the best possible product, service, insurance or credit contract? I am not.

BIG DATA SOCIETY: Age of Reputation or Age of Discrimination?

By Dirk Helbing


Personally, I think it’s more likely to increase peoples’ abilities to make prejudicial choices about other people in addition to the actual technical advantages that this will bring about.  Thus, the universe doesn’t so much as change for the better, but rather muddle on under the same basic principles.  We are only humans, after all.  Our descendants are not going to fall far from the tree and, unless something dramatic happens to our population and to the way that our people think and feel about themselves and our world (an x-event), there will likely only be questionable or low probability change as we settle into a kind of equilibrium, for better and for worse, that we may choose to die in, rather than evolve and make a change.

Thus, we’re more than likely going to take a significant hit as a species, in spite of our abilities to avoid the problems in the first place.

Silly brains….

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