A Confession

Folks, I got a pretty messed up mind.  I intuitively understand the fundamentals of guerrilla warfare, as learned from the histories, and I know all the weak points of the upper crust leadership.  I can literally have them swipe at me, until they fall off a cliff and die, even if my own life is hindered.  Even if I’m silenced, who is going to take my place?

I have nothing really to lose and everything to possibly gain.  They have everything to lose, and nothing really to gain.  That makes the “powerful” inherently weaker than the “weak”.  Better to balance out the resources so that we ALL have something invested in the social system and not just a few.

Otherwise, the cost of staying down is going to outweigh the cost of rising up.  Even if the plant of freedom is mowed down, it grows back, just as grass grows after you cut it down.  How is that possible?  Because it’s the seed, the need for dignity, prosperity, and happiness, that’s indelible to the human spirit.  Not the need for excessive wealth and merely relative power.

Y’all wanna play?  Let’s play.

But I guarantee you’ve already lost before the game’s begun.  It’s just a question of “how long” and “how painful” it’s going to be for us all.  The environment is changing.  The societies are not, but, their attitude and sense of the world is.

That’s what you’ve got to look out for if you think you’ve achieved “power” within a society.

You’re really quite insignificant relative to the cosmos and the environment.

Enjoy your crumbs.


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