America the Dead

How bad could it be?  It could be pretty bad.  Luckily the cost of invasion of the US would be insanely expensive and painful for anyone who would dare to try it.

However, we are rusting in our society, starting with that joke of an educational system that we keep trying to prop up and salvage for the sake of testing companies and corrupt and uncaring teacher’s unions (not teachers).  We need curricula that enable students to learn and not just test them.  We need to build adults who will be functional members of society, able to learn and adapt, and not deferential to old ways just because they are old.  We need people who are aware of, accepting, and caring about the rest of the world in such a way that they accept other peoples for who they are and recognize their rights to live over our abilities to conquer, force, and cajole.

More immediately, we need to get the sick out of our capitals and into mental wards.  We need a serious change in the top management of our society; a whole cohort of people to take over the critical networks and do the jobs that they’re supposed to do for our society, which is what is technically in their self interest.  High profits for businesses are second to economic health.  If you’re not clever enough to make a fortune within the constraints of worrying about society and the environment, you have no businesses being in business.  You’d be better off working wage work that pays a decent wage, not taking on responsibilities that you are not prepared to handle or accept.  Governing is deadly serious business.  The public is not like your mother who will coddle you incessantly in spite of your bullshit.  If you think the public is unforgiving, try having a go with nature and the environment; see how long you last defying that.

I’m just the one who’s watching this.  I’m not alone.  And I am so tired of the bullshit from this place.

Mach schnell America.  Or you’ll be dead where you stand, and rightfully so.

Idiot society, with no history, no culture, no soul, no nothin’.  Just a husk.


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