Top-Down Causation and the Rise of Information in the Emergence of Life

Biological systems represent a unique class of physical systems in how they process and manage information. This suggests that changes in the flow and distribution of information played a prominent role in the origin of life. Here I review and expand on an emerging conceptual framework suggesting that the origin of life may be identified as a transition in causal structure and information flow, and detail some of the implications for understanding the early stages chemical evolution.

Top-Down Causation and the Rise of Information in the Emergence of Life
Sara Imari Walker

Information 2014, 5(3), 424-439;


If this is the case, then it confirms a lot of what I’ve been hypothesizing about government and its role in shaping the legal landscape of our social world (which then influences our ecological, social, environmental, and political world).  Government is always beholden to the natural laws of physics, biology, psychology/neurology, sociology, and economics.  However, government can play a significant role in determining the effects that we experience in our world, based on their obedience to natural laws and limits.

We can make a better, healthier, more sustainable, and more resilient world for ourselves within the context of our environment, social, ecological, and cosmological.  The question is, do we have the will, intelligence, wisdom, sense, and accuracy of perception to do anything with it?

We’ll see, I guess.

Here’s hoping for a permanent leap forward for humanity.  One that will not end until the universe itself comes to an end (it always does).

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