A Naturally Bounded Reality

I am, indeed, closed to some ideas and some concepts if they have been definitively proven to be incorrect in common reality.  I will not seriously entertain the notion that 2+2=5 or that the area of a triangle is anything other than bh/2.  The same is true for many things in the realm of making policy, in terms of causes and effects, because societies and economies have their own properties and natural laws that govern them.  The only difference is that we have not systemically studied these laws and principles with the scientific method or the testing tools that we have at our disposal, even though many of the great political thinkers and philosophers (Confucius, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Buddha, etc) have already touched upon these natural laws through intuition and experience.  We can double check, confirm, and bear witness to the natural law being carried out, even if we do not have any say at present as to what those laws actually are.  Even if we figure out how to defy gravity, or conscientiously effect reality itself, we will still be subject to the consequences of doing so, regardless about what we feel and how we think about it.  Being correct is not an equal opportunity thing, and just because you may be able to do something doesn’t mean it’s in your interests as an individual relative to society, the environment, and the universe to do so.

Therefore, we are at a crossroads in the universe, in my estimation of current events and present conditions.  We will either learn to accept our place in the grand scheme of things and acknowledge the power, influence, and necessity of natural law and conditions, or, we will succumb to our arrogance, stupidity, and willful ignorance that the universe can be something other than what it is.  We do not make reality, reality makes us.  You can either accept these facts and all others, and have a chance at survival.  Or, you can persist in your willful ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity of how things are, and increase your chances of death, destruction, and self-mutilation.

These are the stakes.  What’s it going to be?

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