A New Kind of Lawyer (aka, A Scientist)

I am a lawyer in the sense that I study and advocate for natural law (rather than our written laws, which have no value or authority in the universe other than how they impact our social world and how well we enforce it).  Technically, this makes me a scientist and not a lawyer.  But when it comes to making sense of these things, it may be helpful to tint the information in this light to make it more comprehensible to the public and to the current set of governing individuals in our world today.  We are all, indeed, subject to law.  However, it is not the written laws of our Constitution or the written laws passed through acts of our legislatures that really matter.  It is the laws of the universe that really matter; the essence of cause and effect, that really governs our world in perpetuity and in spite of anything that we may do to make it “be” otherwise.

The sad part about the present state of humanity is that we’re governed by people who do not know or care to know the natural law and, instead, suffer under the ignorance and delusion that the written laws that they produce matter relative to our natural laws.  It is better to adapt the written laws to the natural laws of cause and effect, especially if we want to survive, let alone, be able to thrive in perpetuity and in spite of the natural calamities and disasters that are still likely to happen in our universe as time goes by.  We are governed by lawyers who only study and advocate for written laws.  It is time that we become governed by lawyers who study and advocate for natural laws.


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