The Libertarian and Conservative Ignoratti

A government without the ability or will to create and enforce written law essentially leads to and is anarchy by default.  That is why Libertarians are, in essence, anarchists, because they do not want a government that has the ability to create and enforce law within the territory and population of its jurisdiction.

I agree that written law should coincide with natural law.  I don’t agree that the US Constitution was meant to create a feeble, ineffectual, and essentially inconsequential government and I also don’t agree that the US Constitution is a sacred text that cannot and should not be updated with the changing needs and conditions of society.  I believe in the spirit of the Constitution; the principles that underlie it, which describes a society of people being essentially equal under law, and entitled to the same rights and opportunities as everyone else in the society.  The net result of Libertarian or conservative systems of government is the production of societies where people have unequal opportunities and where people have no individual security other than what they can provide with the resources at their disposal (which gets less and less as those who have more take more and more).  In this sense, people are essentially like dogs, who do not have the ability to control their own feeding habits when presented with the opportunity for unlimited access to material and social resources.  The half a million becomes a million, the million becomes five, the five multiples to twenty, and so on and so forth, regardless of if that wealth is something that they need or if it is produced with methods that detract from their social, personal, and environmental condition.

Therefore, we should not listen to conservative or Libertarian voices in our government.  Their root ideas, beliefs, and sentiments are self-destructive and toxic for the rest of our society, which then makes it toxic for themselves as well.  They are the Ignoratti; a group of people who need to come in for psychiatric treatment.  While they may be more functional than those who are presently diagnosable with mental illnesses, they are far more destructive to themselves and their societies through their actions, beliefs, and perspectives.  We may all be human and, in that sense, of essentially equal value.  However, opinion does not work like that, along with the ability to work with the world as a whole around you.  They need to come in from the cold, if they want to be considered legitimate participants in our government, or, we must exclude them from positions of authority, responsibility, and societal management.  We will die because of these people, if we allow them to stay in place.  I am not asking for their deaths.  I am asking for us to help them and to bear the condition and consequences of their brains in mind when listening to them within the larger political discourse.  That’s all that I’m asking for.  I doubt anyone will listen and help me put that into practice in real life.

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