Into the Valley of Shadow

Popular insurgent warfare is probably the strongest form of warfare, because it does not obey the strategies, logistical constraints, or sociological “rules” of modern warfare or the tactics of the already strong.  Those who can hit and fade into the background of a society are the most powerful fighters, because those who have the military might cannot strike at them without ensuring that they themselves get hit as a result of striking at the general population from which the rebel fighters come from.  The police and military become outsiders in the community.  Nobody wants to side or work with them and everyone is willing to give shelter and aid to the rebel fighters.  How is this?  Because the public aligns with the rebel fighters rather than the police or military forces.  The Federal troops are outsiders and the police are alienated from the communities they’re supposed to enforce law in.  This is the energy that fuels insurgent warfare; not money, or resources.  If you want to defeat the rebels definitively, you must make sure that they (the rebels) are the ones who are self-alienating forces.  Make sure that you maintain good relations with the general public and, quite frankly, out-govern the rebels.

Government, in any of its forms, must compete with the various factions of society who wish to dismantle it and establish their own order in society.  It is not a monetary competition, but a non-monetary one, where the measure of success is significantly more complex and complicated than the measure of success for businesses and personal profiteers.  These are life and death stakes, literally, in some cases.  Please, do not underestimate the influence and power of the society that you are governing WITHIN (not over) when you are making your policy choices and decisions.

Please.  I don’t want to be compelled to fight against the government and its members for the sake of preserving this society.  I WILL join the battalions who will lock horns with the current government for the sake of preserving this human society in which I live.  Life is not worth living under the oppressive hand of pure financial profiteering logic.  I will die fighting the forces of current capitalism than live under their beliefs, logics, and philosophies as to how the world ought to be and should function.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s death either way for me.  I might as well attempt to make my death be useful for the rest of the public than be worth nothing as a quiet and meek follower of the incorrect assumptions about how economies work and what economies are.

That is all I’ve got to say at this moment.

Please do not mistake me for someone who makes idle threats.

That is all.

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