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Indeed, what is a human society but a larger social organism, based on this definition?

I’m honestly not sure about the Gaia Hypothesis, because the systems can be way too divergent.  However, the principle of interconnectedness may prove to be a useful tool in understanding how things work and what effects what in this universe, society, and environment.  If we could work to map out our social, ecological, and cosmological universe, we may end up with one of the most useful tools we could have in order to test, diagnose, and solve problems within our society from the micro through to the macro levels, such that everyone benefits and no one gets hurt in the process.  The bottom is influenced and effected by the top, the top is kept in line by the bottom.  The two need to work together in order to produce a healthy and functional society for the sake of each actors’ own sake and for the sake of all other beings, human or otherwise, living in the world with us.

This is how the world is.  No point in trying to make it “be” anything other than what it is.


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