The Long Death of Conservatism (and Conservatives)

Conservatives tend to select themselves out of positions of power and, when left to their own devices without progressives’ periodic or constant intervention, will likely naturally self-select out of existence as a sub-group of humans.  We all have the same hardware that creates conservatism; it seems to be in the reptilian brain, which is common to us all.  The difference between conservatives and other humans is that they seem to have a much more powerful reptilian brain than the rest of us, thus denying them the ability to work with complex issues with nuance, ambiguity, and subtlety as well as other human beings.  They seem entirely consumed with obsessing over their small self, or their definition of self, rather than the whole or the other or the larger self that extends to all things, living, dead, or inanimate in this universe.  There is no real love in their behavior or actions; no real compassion or care.  Just repetition and a sad attachment to imaginary concepts and incorrect hypotheses about how things are and work together.  There is no more point in listening to them, and the best that society can do to them is to remove them from all places of influence, power, authority, and consequence for the mental health clinics that they so unceremoniously underfunded and destroyed.  It’s time that we institute a more social system than their anti-social, money-grubbing, Capitalisitc barbarism.  It’s time to govern with reason, compromise, discussion, and attachment to truth and common reality.  No more should we be ruled through fear, oppression, force, deception, lies, and ignorance, willful or otherwise.

These are, however, all normative statements.  There is nothing in the world here or anywhere that suggests that things will necessarily be different in the world just because we’ve changed the contents of several influential nodes in our network, least of all, the combined nodes of the general public.  We will still be plagued by these apparently diseased brain types within our society and within other societies.  We will still have to deal with all the consequences of their poor choices and priorities, as well as all new disasters, dangers, threats, problems, and sticky situations that will absolutely arise as time goes on.  At the same time, these minute changes in either the mental or physical content of these critical nodes can make important differences in our world, particularly if they join together to work towards a common cause of health, survival, and the ability to thrive on this planet and others.  It is time that we work to extricate the more monkey-like among us from their places of power, consequence, authority, power, and, at the heart of it, responsibility.

That, or we can keep clinging to them out of fear, and finding that the only thing we have to fear, really, is them, time and time again.

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