World’s richest man tries to defend wealth inequality | Al Jazeera America

Bill Gates’ critique of Thomas Piketty is revealing for what it overlooks


Mr. Gates.

From what I understand, you attempt to do some good in this world with your wealth.  However, from what I understand, your Foundation generally subjects its recipients to a Hellish bureaucratic process that may take away from their ability to do any real good.  On top of that, your monopsony may very well have slowed the progress of software development because of your anti-social business practices.

Let me cut to the chase here, for the people who actually will read this: there is no such thing as an honorable person who has gained so much through business through denying so much to so many.  If you seek to live on the charity of the rich, you are going to starve.  Case in point, the top earners are actually giving less to charity than all those below them (see the Chronicle of Philanthropy study on the matter).  There is no excuse for amassing so much wealth and relative power, and then dangling it over the heads of those who need it the most.

We need a social system, as opposed to the anti-social one that people like Mr. Gates uses to make their wealth.  We need to make growth work for everyone, so that work pays off and people are not exploited for their labor and denied opportunities to develop their talents.  Most of the mundane tasks are likely going to be done by machines anyway.  What are we then to do with ourselves when labor is valued at the cost and maintenance of machines, and there are no jobs left?  Will we, as a society, actually consign ourselves to the pseudo-benevolence and will of these “demi-god” wannabes?  I will fight and die to defend myself and my children from such a future.  My price is too high for even Mr. Gates to afford (and I do have a price, because I understand the costs of doing “business” with “people” like Mr. Gates.

Which side of the fence are you going to be on?  Are you going to side with them? Or are you going to side with the rest of us actual human beings?

The choice is up to you all, America.  I wish you nothing but the actual best, although I suspect you’re going to lead yourselves into the actual worst before you get better.

I am prepared to fight and die for the sake of my population and my own life.  What are you going to do, dear reader, when that choice comes before you?

That is all I have to say for now.  Please, do what you will.  I’m indifferent.

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