Americans Fumble

I honestly don’t think Americans appreciate the relative seriousness of our present situation.  We have dysfunctional leadership in our government from all sides, which renders our ability as a nation to function in jeopardy.  Our public doesn’t know what to do or how to act as the leadership cadre that it is within the society, therefore rendering all efforts to change and hold our government leadership accountable ineffectual.  We’re suffering from several small cuts with an increasing probability of an x event occurring, along the lines of the 2007-8 Recession or rebellion and destabilization of significant portions of our society.  Nobody seems willing to accept these facts for the sake of ego and/or petty false senses of security, therefore, nothing is going to be done about them until it is too late.

America’s “greatness” is not innate.  It has to be produced through the efforts of the public and government leadership working together for the common goals of survival, health, well-being, and quality of life.  The two cannot work against each other all the time without creating significant damage to all sides.  The combative, confrontational, and anti-social, hyper-competitive American system is going to fail, and I doubt we will actually rebuild with any real lessons learned.  In my view, the main culprit for this is the general public, because they are the ones who can always hold a leadership in check through voting and mass organization.  However, when it comes time to follow through on such actions, the American public bumbles, stumbles, and falls right back to where they started.  The leaderships in government don’t make it any easier for our whole society to do better.  However, if the public were motivated enough, they could rise above and overcome the members of our government.

It’s our fault, America.

Your fault.

And you are not likely to hold yourself or the government to account.  The public does not check the government.  The government takes advantage and goes right into the arms of those who do have money and the ability to regularly participate.  We’ve dropped the ball, America.  What are we going to do about it?

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