The Ghost of Karl Marx

The free market, when it is truly allowed to be 100% free of regulation or tracking (not controlling) leads to its own demise, either through the destruction of the environment or through a revolution within the society. If you start out as having more of an opportunity or some kind of advantage over another, you tend to increase your wealth faster than others. That, in and of itself, is not a problem when taken in moderate doses. However, as time goes on, the wealth for those individuals tends to grow exponentially over time in a non-linear fashion, leading to the extra growth of the pie being consumed by a few individuals while everyone else has less and less and less of a stake within the system. Capitalism becomes an exclusive system, rather than an inclusive one. The governments of the world are replaced by businesses groups and special interests who have wealth at their disposal, which decreasingly reflects the needs and characteristics of the general population. The interests dig in, rather than shift and adapt to the changing and increasingly negative dynamic between themselves and the general public. Conservatism and rigidity in thinking and behaving sets in, especially as the governing members age, and the system becomes increasingly vulnerable to attack and/or rot. External powers may also play a role in the destruction of the current government members, either in the form of other societies or environmental factors.

This is the ghost of Karl Marx haunting the Capitalists long after the fall of the major “Communist” powers. The pigs will consume themselves and their precious system. The more they brutalize and take, the more likely they’ll be removed, and the more likely the rest of society will treat them poorly when they are removed.

There is a cost to deception.  There is a cost to taking and receiving.  The market system works great, when it is moderated in order to protect the environment and the employed classes.  Labor is not the same as a regular commodity; there is no comparative advantage to not having domestic manufacturing and actually producing innovative goods and services that people will want to buy.  We’re going to die for the sake of an idealized system, perpetuated by foolish academics and business leaders who see only cash and not value as an organism.  The time is coming for us to pick a side between those who already have and are going to consume everything, and those who have nothing and have the greatest potential to rebuild and survive, even if the business leaders and politicians are shot (and they will be more likely shot if they continue to ignore and brutalize the public).

It can happen here.  America is not an exception to the natural laws of societies and human behavior, nor are we not subject to the conditions and social/ecological factors that exist outside of our society.  The time is coming for absolution.  This is the end of Capitalism in its present form and the birth of a new system of market economic logic, study, and management.  Otherwise, the species is going to suffer significant losses and the boss pigs will be dead.

What’s it going to be, America?

What’s it going to be world?

Think about it.

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It


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