The Supreme (Natural) Law of the Cosmos

Societies are, indeed, governed by people and not by laws.  People can make or unmake written laws, just as easily as societies can make or unmake people who make laws.

However, we are, in fact, governed by Natural Law, the laws of nature, society, the environment, the universe around us.  We are it and it is us.  We discover it, we do not actually make it.

The faith in written law of our society, the Constitution, has been violated by those who have no respect for written or natural law.  To this end, we fall back on Natural Law, as discovered by the scientific method and revealed to us over time through experimentation, observation, and accident, to correct these mistake people who currently sit in places of high power, consequence, and authority, and yet do not seem to understand how to operate and work for their own actual benefit within the confines of these discovered and unwritten laws.

The Law is indeed supreme.  No one made them though.  They’re just the rules that have existed, as far as we can tell, since beyond the beginning of time and forward to the end of time and beyond.  To change and alter them here is to subject yourself to the consequences of changing those Laws which are apart of nature and the universe that is us.  They simply are, and we are always going to be bound by the consequences of them, no matter how hard we may try to make it be otherwise.  Those who do not get it and work with the world in this basic fashion are likely those who are least capable of governing and effectively managing a world.  They do not see the walls which naturally exist.  They will not understand how to use those Laws for your own sake and benefit within the context of those laws.  They will rebel against those discovered Laws, because their brains are not accurately reading or working with reality that is them.

They are sick people.

And they need to be removed from office permanently, as a personality/brain type, so that they may never again make our society a perverse corner of the universe.  They are like animals who do not get the basic concept of not pissing or pooping in a distinct corner, for the sake of their health and well-being relative to all other lifeforms in this universe.  They seem to feel as though they can (and should be allowed to) go wherever they please, regardless of the consequences that are exacted upon themselves and on others whom they depend on.  There is, I think, no freedom in this universe.  There is only Law, and those who won’t get or accept it.  Even when you “break” free, you are still bound by the discovered Natural Laws.  You can either live with, accept, and maximize your utility based on those Laws.  Or, you can fight them, resist them, and make life for yourself and your friends, family, and companions worse.  It all depends on how your brains work, as to whether you go one way or another.  Those who follow Laws, tend to be more able to pass on their genes and memes in the long term, than those who don’t.  Even if the breakers of Law kill off all Law abiders, they will be more likely to kill themselves off as a result of their negligence, stupidity, and ignorance of themselves and the world that is them.

Obey the Law.

Or suffer the consequences that you yourself bring on.

Enjoy your nights.

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