American Farewell?

I wonder if I will actually stay in the US.  The country and society is far too chaotic to stand on its own; too chaotic within itself to make itself a viable social structure for the time being.

Too many people are allowed to have an equal voice whose opinions don’t merit equal weight in the conversation.  Too much ignorance given too much leeway within our social and government worlds.  We lack a truly professional and effective government that works for the public as a whole, as opposed for just the business elites and we, as a people, are proving ourselves consistently inept at getting what we need and want from our government and the well-endowed interests who have purchased access to our policy-making world above the public at large.

I see no end in sight and no real point in sticking around trying to save this neurotic society from itself.  It is definitely true that other societies have their own neuroses and problems within themselves.  However I think they are more likely to be willing to accept the medicine that I’ve got to offer, mainly because, their heads aren’t so far up their asses with notions that freedom is something that is inherent in this universe and is something that is valuable relative to one’s own survival, well-being, and freedom to otherwise act within the natural laws and conditions of the universe.  Many other people don’t seem to think that reality is something where everyone’s opinion has an equal weight relative to common reality.  Existence is truly a dictatorship.  You can either accept the natural laws that are discovered, or die trying to go counter to them.  It’s your “choice”.  I for one am not interested in staying around for the fallout that will result from our tendencies to believe things that aren’t real or to lose grounding with what is intuitively and consistently present in front of us.  Unless something changes within the society of the United States, such that we, as a people, are motivated, capable, and willing to effectively remove the dunces from our government and to permanently ignore the rest of them in our society, I see no further point in exhausting my efforts with this American society.  May it, and its people, pull their heads out of their own butts in time to save themselves.  The market will kill itself when allowed to benefit only a few individuals at the expense of our environment.  It is, technically, the government’s role to manage these things effectively in order to prevent them from either running too hot, running too cold, or operating outside the sustainable and safe limits of the environment.  But, Americans don’t seem to want to listen or care to listen about such things.  They’re way too concerned about the latest celebrity gossip or football game, and they are way too wrapped up in the notion that opinions are sacred onto themselves and are worth cherishing, even when proven to be incorrect or not 100% grounded in factual reality.  They balk at the notion that there is a higher order (common reality, not researchers) that reveals what is correct and what is not within common reality.  Having diverse ways of looking at things is a beneficial thing.  However, science ultimately shows the truth hidden amongst the many perspectives.  When it is shown, it is ultimately the humans who have to bend; reality does not.  Americans don’t seem to understand that point, especially in the worlds of policy making and government.  Too much freedom, too much ego, too much chaos.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that I can find a way out of this country if I cannot find a way to help it.  This is a growing pain that I know many in this society will not like.  However, it is an entirely necessary one if we are going to make our way out of the mess that we’re in, prevent it from becoming much much worse, and ultimately, buy us a little more time of hopefully having a good quality of life within our own society relative to others living with us.  The party’s over.  And reality is a cruel cruel mistress when messed with.

Goodnight and joy be with you all.


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