Growing Pains in Economics, Societies, and Environmental Consciousness

What’s good for a company isn’t actually what’s necessarily going to be good for a society.  Companies are just concerned with the production of profits; societies have to be concerned with living, surviving, and potentially being able to thrive.  Capitalism is going to exploit and squeeze out the value of the public’s labors for the sake of these profits without necessarily being or feeling obligated to return the favor for the work that is done.  The government of the society will either sit back and accept or encourage this exploitation, or it will protect the environment and the society through law and law enforcement to ensure a healthy, functional, and sustainable social-environmental world in which we can all potentially thrive as living organisms (not money eating machines).  The choice is in the policies and programs that the government produces.  Its own quality of life and ability to survive is at stake when it ignores the well-being of the society in which it operates and the economy from which it draws on its resources to fund and finance the society’s development, growth, sustainability, and survival.  That’s what history has shown.  We can either ignore it and repeat the lessons again, to our own expense and detriment, or we can advance beyond them to take on new challenges, new problems, and new ways of dealing with the old, always present problems that we’ve experienced before in the past.

Grow up humanity!  It’s time.

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