The Asymmetry of Values and Priorities

Not all values have equal weight relative to producing the best possible results within a society.  Some priorities and desires are more detrimental to the individual, collective, and individual through the collective than beneficial, just as different food and exercise preferences have different effects on the individual’s health.  The United States has an unhealthy sentiment within its society that all values and preferences have equal grounding in reality or, worse still, that there is no such thing as a common reality that reacts to our actions, producing the positive and negative effects that we experience depending upon our choices.  Some people seem to have a better grasp of reality than others, and common reality, not a researcher or group of scientists, determines which person/group does a better job in the absolute sense and relative to others.

The universe is a dictatorship.  The natural laws are there and we are subject to them.  Even if we find ways around them, we are only either following other natural laws, had a misconception of what were/are natural laws to begin with, and/or, will be subject to the consequences of “breaking” or “changing” those natural laws.  Americans won’t like that vision of the universe, no matter how much they run up against the facts and natural laws of our universe.  To want it to be otherwise is to want 2+2 to equal any number other than 4: impossible to accomplish and really pointless.

For all of our ability to imagine things and to make things more chaotic than it needs to be for our health and well-being, we will still be held to account for our actions and choices, not by police officers or an authority figure, but through the natural actions of cause and effect; the base laws of our universe.

Like it?  Lump it?  It doesn’t matter.

Enjoy your world, humans, especially you America.  You will die for freedom and liberty, and the rest of the world will pass you by while you wallow in your own sad, excessively chaotic filth.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help.

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