Mike Huckabee joins push demanding Houston officials ignore their own election laws

Source: www.rawstory.com

And I’m the one called “arrogant”.

They will more likely be strangled by their own attempts to strangle the public.  And, yes, I mean “strangled” literally (since that would save on bullets).

My solution at present is to leave the country and the American society to its chosen fate.  Until the general public is willing to make their voices heard and actually do something to save themselves, it’s not worth my time or effort to make this place be better against the tide of public opinion and apathy.

You were beautiful, America; the Homecoming Queen of Nations in your youth.  But you are not a young country anymore; your looks are beginning to fade under the blight of your chosen leaders’ choices.  Your actions have consequences, which you are perpetually going to be bound by, contrary to your ideology of unlimited potential, freedom, and baseless optimism.  Not all opinions are equal; not all beliefs are true, not all preferences are healthy and should be supported.  You won’t get these concepts until it is too late, America, if you get them at all.  The Homecoming Queen is getting older, and her looks are fading.  Easy wealth.  Easy luxury.  No sense.  All wasted.

Enjoy your bed, Americans.  You made it.  Now sleep in it.

See on Scoop.itIt Comes Undone-Think About It


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